Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian restorative healing system, one component of which is the art of compassionate touch. However, lomilomi goes far beyond massage. it also incorporates the connection we have with the land (‘aina), the spirit guides or ancestors (‘aumakua) and the breath of life (aloha).

The Fundamentals of Lomilomi include:

Massage - using broad strokes that sink deeply into the tissues. Lomilomi stretches, softens and loosens muscles. It calms the nervous system as it improves circulation, both blood and lymphatic. Joint mobilizations are incorporated to increase range of motion and flexibility, also it is felt that sometimes blocked energy resides in the joints that can be released through passive movements.

Ho'oponopono  - a counseling method used to clear a persons emotions; loosely translated it means to make right, or bring into balance. The relationship between our emotions and physical ailments is clearly acknowledged by the Hawaiians. This method is used not only with clients, but also by the practitioner to clear their own issues. Aunty Margaret, the most famous, Lomilomi practitioner alive today says: "before the sun sets every day, you must empty your heart of jealousy and anger."

Prayer - perhaps the most important component in the ritual. An acknowledgment that the divine presence working through us is the true healer. It is important to begin and end each session with a prayer (out loud or silently). Keeping a mindful presence throughout the treatment, asking for divine help.

La'au lapa'au - herbal healing. A true Lomilomi healer is also well versed in the ancient science of healing with plants. Teas, salves, and poultices might be made and prescribed to the client. Because of their close spiritual relationship with the natural kingdom, ancient kahunas were able to divine the healing properties of leaves, roots, fruits, barks and flowers. Also oils, kukui nut and coconut might be infused with other ingredients much like we use aromatherapy today.

Cleansing - directions on cleansing your colon might be the first instruction you receive when presenting with a physical ailment to a practitioner. This usually entails a process involving ingesting diluted saltwater, herbal preparations, rest, and Lomilomi massage focusing on the digestive system. The connection between our eliminatory organs and our health is clearly understood in the Lomilomi tradition.


What to expect in a Lomilomi massage?

Lomilomi means "to rub or to knead" so you can expect lots of kneading as well as long, sweeping strokes of the hands and forearms. There will also be deep compressions, tapotement (tapping) and assisted stretches. You can also expect abdominal massage to assist the energetic function of the organs. Auntie Margaret Machado, one of the first people to teach Lomi lomi to non-Hawaiians, is often quoted as having said that the difference between Swedish massage and lomi lomi is "loving touch."


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